Solar Alarm Light Magnetic Pull Wire Alarm No False Alarm Farm



Material: ABS

Charging method: solar charging, DC charging

Charging time: 8 hours (light intensity in different seasons will affect charging efficiency.), DC charging <1 hour (DC5V1A)

Working time: sound and light alarm for about 30 seconds after induction > 200 times, optical machine standby > 1 year, power on standby > 3 months, timing 5 minutes > 12 hours, timing 10 minutes > 20 hours, timing 20 minutes > 36 hours

Alarm sound: 129 decibels

Battery: polymer lithium battery 3.7V/400mA with overcharge and overdischarge protection


Induction models: 1-speed 24-hour sensor sound and light alarm mode, 2-speed night-time sensor sound and light alarm mode, 3-speed night cycle sound and light alarm for 5 minutes

Timing models: 1st gear cycle for 5 minutes at night with sound and light alarm, 2nd gear cycle for 10 minutes, 3rd gear cycle for 20 minutes

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