Eyebrow Pencil With Brush and Replace Eyebrow Waterproof




Product information:

  1. Product Name:Eyebrow Pencil With Brush and Replace Eyebrow

  2. Color number: 01,02, 03

  3. Net weight: 0.4g

  4. Gross weight: 18g

  5. Size: 16.2*8.7 (CM) 

Characteristics of product production:

  • Waterproof and perspiration is not easy to remove makeup,

  • Build 3D stereoscopic face

  • Lasting makeup, fine powder, and lasting makeup

  • the color is free collocation, the shape is easy to do


Product efficiency:

  • Fine powder, uniform color

  • Easy to color, natural and soft

  • Durable, durable and durable makeup


Usage method:

Trim eyebrow, eyebrow brow eyebrow eyebrow tail emerged

Depict the external contour of eyebrows with eyebrow pencil, a small number of times can slowly sketch,

Dip the eyebrow, eyebrows down texture, after the move from painting, fill the outline, to fill the middle brow







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