Light Grinder Electric Manicure Grinder Manicure Tool Set

Color: Rose Red


Name: us-202 grinder for nail salon

Product power: 50-60Hz

Speed: 32000-35000 revolutions

Usage: personal care product for making crystal nail and polishing surface nail and edge.

This product is easy to use and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for mold grinding, cutting and polishing, dental manufacturing and processing, denture grinding and repair, handicraft processing, carving, grinding and polishing, various manicure, ornament beauty and other operations.

Configuration details:

1. Quick mechanical clamping series handle 1pc (standard configuration)

2.6 mounting grinding head 1set (standard configuration)

3. Operating lever support 1pc (standard configuration)

4. Foot switch 1pc (standard configuration)

5. Control box 1pc (standard configuration)

Product features:

1. Applicable voltage range: 220V

2. Fast mechanical clamping method is adopted, which makes clamping more reliable.

3. The operating lever has a unique heat dissipation device, which will not produce overheating and scalding image after long-term use.

4. Equipped with foot switch, it is more convenient to switch.

5. Stepless speed regulation, forward and reverse adjustment, which can be used in various occasions.

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