Fruit Cutter - Vegetable Food Manual Rotary Drum Grater Chopper Slicer



- Enclosed spaces are safer, hands are no longer at risk
- Widen the caliber, it is more convenient to feed the material, and the feeding caliber is enlarged to reduce the need to change the knife and put it directly.
- Bolt-type knife cylinder holder, push up automatically, easy and quick to replace the blade, safe and not hurt your hands
- Enlarge the suction cup, it is as stable as Mount Tai, and you are not afraid of shaking when cutting vegetables in a large amount.
- Four functions and three blades to meet 90% of cutting needs

Type: Vegetable Chopper
Material: ABS, PET, PP, Stainless steel
Product size: 21.5*14.7*28.3cm/8.46*5.79*11.14
Color: Green
Weight: 0.9kg

Package included:
1* Vegetable Chopper
1* Cleaning Brush

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