Portable Cervical Spine Massager Mini Compact Foldable Smart Neck Massager Shoulder And Neck Massager

Color: White


Product Name: Bipolar Neck Massager                                               Product Model: F5

Product style: charging model, hot compress model, voice model, remote control model

Working time: 15 minutes                                                                  Product size: 150*145*45mm

Battery life: 600 minutes for the charging model, 90 minutes for the three models with hot compress, remote control and voice

Product material: ABS                                                                        Charging voltage: DC.5V

Product weight: 100-180g                                                                 Nominal voltage: DC.3.7V

Rated power: 2.5w                                                                             Charging current: 200MA

Product color: white pink blue color can be customized

Nominal capacity: 300-500mAH                                                       Massage mode: ten modes

Executive standard: GB 4706.1-2005 GB 4706.10-2008

Strength gear: 15 levels                                                                    Hot compress: Moderate temperature, 1 second start


F5 cervical spine massager is ergonomically designed, U-shaped design, fits the neck, the connection between the two pole pieces is elastic joints that can move to make the massage area larger, experience the massage effect better, USB charging design does not require batteries, F2 has four types of massage Mode, 15-level strength, constant temperature hot compress, TENS pulse + motor vibration function, remote control voice broadcast function to meet customer needs


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