Evpct Winged Eyeliner Stamp Sweatproof, Long Lasting

Color: 01 black


Evpct Winged Eyeliner Stamp SweatProof Long Lasting Eye Wing Pen For Eye Shapes

If you're looking for a winged eyeliner stamp that will stay put all day long and won't make you dizzy, look any further than Evpct's Winged Eyeliner Stamp! The eye wing stamp uses a special formula that dries quickly so you can apply your eyeliner on the go without having to worry about it smudging or rubbing off! 

It's also sweatproof and waterproof so you can even wear it to the gym without worrying that your eyeliner will run! Make your eyes look bigger and more defined by applying our winged eyeliner stamp to your entire eyelid. 

This eyeliner stamp will make your whole face look polished and ready to go in no time flat! There's no faster way to apply eyeliner than by using our eyeliner stamp! Plus, our winged eyeliner is perfect for giving your eyes an instant lift with just a few quick strokes! 

General use

No matter whether you're heading out to work, class, the gym, or even a night out with friends, you'll look great no matter what you wear, thanks to the stunning results you'll get from our winged eyeliner! 

Add a little drama to your everyday look by copying some of our most popular runway styles with the help of our winged eyeliner stamp! Wear a smokey eye with our winged eyeliner for eye shape to make your eyes appear larger and more striking than ever before! Our amazing winged eyeliner is easy to use and makes applying eyeliner easier than ever before! 

Whether you're looking for a subtle look or a more dramatic one, you can draw the perfect line every time with our amazing eyeliner for different eye shapes! 

Instructions for use

Just apply the eyeliner to your upper eyelid, then repeat the process on your lower lid to create a beautiful, winged shape. It's so easy that anyone can use our eyeliner stamp to achieve gorgeous eyes worthy of any runway model! Plus, our winged eyeliner has an ultra-black finish that makes your eyes stand out in a crowd!




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