5PCS Microfibre Mop Steam Cleaner Handheld Carpet Floor Washable Cleaning

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Join the steam age. Steam powered the industrial revolution and now it powers your steam mop. Kill bacteria germs and dust mites. Leave your floor sparkling clean.

Plug your floor steamer in. Fill the water tank. Put on your microfibre mop head replacement. Wait 20 seconds. You are ready to start cleaning. Clean quickly with no wet spots.

Use your steam mop regularly for best results. When you wear through one of your microfibre mop heads just use another one. That is why you purchased a five pack. Never be without.

Your floor steam cleaner works best on sealed hard floors. Be careful on cork tiles or waxed hardwood floors. Test in a small section. It is best to avoid lino and vinyl floors.

Your microfibre mop refill is perfect for cleaning hard floors. Mop up all the dirt and muck. Chuck it in the washing machine to clean it shiny as new.

Key Features

  • Removes 99% of bacteria and dust mites
  • Detachable microfibre mop head
  • Use on many surfaces

Materials: 70% polyester + 30% nylon

Dimensions: 28cm x 21.5cm

Colour: Blue

  • 5Pcs x Microfiber Mop Head

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