3in1 Blush Eyeshadow Contour Cosmetics

Color: 2



1.3 in 1 cosmetic powder ball - It can be used as blush, eye shadow, and contour powder.

2.Silky soft and lightweight texture, easy to wear, even and natural color.

3.Matte texture give you a soft touch of color, looks more natural.

4.Beautiful and cute colors are very popular and fashionable, and the effect more beautiful and charming after use.

5.The small cosmetic ball is very unique and easy to use.

6.Long-lasting, natural, creating a three-dimensional look, radiant and graceful.

7.A variety of colors to choose from, to meet different skin color and makeup needs.

Size: 7*7*2.5cm,20g

Include: 1pc

1 (1)1 (2)1 (3)1 (4)1 (5)1 (6)1 (7)1 (8)

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