Four in one UFO Music Starry Sky Light Starry Sky Projection Light Sleeper LED Night Light

Color: Black


The new upgraded concept starry sky projection, the projection angle can be adjusted 360 degrees.

1. LED cloud (full color adjustable).

2. Laser is full of stars.

3. LED lunar projection.

4. Bluetooth stereo music playback.




Input DC: 5V/2000MA

LED cloud RGBW: 4*3W

LED moon: 1*1W

Green laser: 532nm, class1<1mw

Universal USB input Type-c (mobile power, computer, mobile phone adapter)

Engineering plastic shell

Music sound control DJ mode, support blue, U disk playback, LED projection scene color switching, color can be mixed and matched full color, LED, laser, pattern projection can be put separately or mixed projection

Configuration: light, manual, remote control, USB cable, tripod.

Model: BL-XK03




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